How to Install/Update Drivers in Windows 10

How to update drivers for Windows 10. Drivers are essentials to how your Windows machine preforms. We will review updating though Windows Update, Device Manager, Microsoft Update Catalog, and various manufacture update portals. Important resources below.

How to Manually Update Windows Drivers:

Microsoft Update Catalog:

Acer Driver Updates:

Asus Driver Updates:

Dell Driver Updates:

HP Driver Updates:

Lenovo Driver Updates:

Toshiba Driver Updates:

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Rudy Sanders

NOTE: Microsoft has apparently removed the ability to update drivers manually via the Device Manager, which is why, no matter the device/driver, it will always say the "best" is already installed. The "update driver" button effectively does nothing. I think their goal was to minimize the chance of malicious drivers being installed, but that obviously screws people who are actually attempting a legitimate install.

Pedro Santos

I have tried the catalog method for windows 8 updates, but:
– clicking the item in the pop-up does not activate transfer or there is no visual feedback
– right-clicking > "save link as" works until the download is blocked by Chrome
BTW, I'm trying to download via windows 7 laptop, maybe it matters?

I was thinking about saving all updates necessary identified by WindowsUpdate (I have saved the list) in order to avoid having to download them once again (3rd time) if I have to reinstall the OS. Is there a downside to this? I have read somewhere that via the WindowsUpdate the files are different than the same files on the catalog (same code) because they are more fitted to the system status. I doubt this because the size seems to be the same except decimals.

Andy Webber

when I go to MUC and download the .cab file for a printer , it dont give me the option to choose a location to save too, just downloads, then cant find it , search for the .cab file, doesnt find any ?

Jay Friday

When I try to search for a driver in device manager it only searches for a tenth of a second and tells me that my driver is up to date how can I fix this issue

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