The Creepy Line – Full Documentary on Social Media's manipulation of society

The Creepy Line reveals the stunning degree to which society is manipulated by Google and Facebook and blows the lid off the remarkably subtle – hence powerful – manner in which they do it. Offering first-hand accounts, scientific experiments and detailed analysis, the film examines what is at risk when these tech titans have free reign to utilize the public’s most private and personal data.

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Carly DelVecchio

Now I know why some of my older generation friends who were using the old flip cell phones were told they could no longer use them and that they had to upgrade. Because Google couldn't follow them around on that outdated technology. I had one friend who was 67 years old and he had the same flip phone for 15 years. He was so outraged when they told him that they would not service the phone anymore. He has since passed away. Lucky him. I hate this world. I refuse to have a cell phone. I think they are worse than laptop computers. At least when I leave my house I know I'm not being followed around by google and facebook who don't even deserve a capital letter at the beginning of their name. I do use gmail but I have now got to find a way out of it.

QuayConcrete 007

FBook has suspended my account for 30 days 11 times in the last 12 months LOL


Two judgments will strike them and those who used tech to wage war against gods word. A massive rompe Alma and lake fire event will take place simultaneously in both hemispheres of Earth at midnight from violations against free speech covering up crimes suppressing truth financial warfare against citizens misinformation and other techno crimes such as mind control weaponization of nano bots and other crimes violations. There will be multiple events taking place on Earth today and the next few days that no enemy of God could have prepared for


The sins of big tech and its karmic upheaval a world wide judgment event will take place on big tech and tech the wicked who used it for evil 😈

Finney Lane

“Information is not knowledge.

Knowledge is not wisdom.

Wisdom is not truth.

Truth is not beauty.

Beauty is not love.

Love is not music.

Music is THE BEST.”

― Frank Zappa

The Outer Limitz

Hmm why haven't I seen this before? Anyway fuck politics.

Dominion Employee

They’re doing what humans have been doing since the dawn of time. Just using a different platform. Tell me where in those sentences lies the REAL issue

Time for Wakey Wakey

i said in 2010 that facebook was like a digital doomsday book. it was a clever sneeky way to gather info of evryone camoflauged by a form of fun.

like a digital passport with other personal information. i was right. i was right because i know how to think deeply and not just "look"

Don Master

Imagine being so easily influenced you get manipulated by social media! Hilarious


Wasn't it in 2013 that it became officially legal for the U.S. government to use domestic propaganda. The government can manufacture news stories along with video, interviews, phony eye witnesses etc. to back up the stories and they are completely fabricated for the purpose of controlling the public's perceived reality. Main-stream media is obligated to deliver these news stories as directed. And in the past 18-months we've seen just how extremely effective that propaganda really is.

Gerr Gerring

I'm not sure Peterson's statements of the obvious add much. But his inclusion does lend him credibility, which I'm not sure he deserves.

philip mc donagh

Love to come up with a search that would make it crash ???.

philip mc donagh

Okay can you do without the net-smartphone-gps. Its to late we are hooked.

Nicholas Martin

Starts at about 2:45.
I’m sick of over-produced intros on YouTube videos.
We are not interested in how artistic or talented you are. We just want to watch the bloody video!!

Richard Lincourt

It’s ultimately a spiritual battle and this is just one tool that the devil uses to distract us from seeing and appreciating YAHWEH’s Holiness.

I'm so glad I never got into Facebook. The thing that fucked me over was I needed the make a Google account to make a youtube account to write comments. So they got me anyway I guess. Well they've defiantly got my search history lol

Depressed manga fanatic

Google can’t hide their secrets from society, they made two mistakes by blocking those two people from their services.

Denny-denz bry

Fuck Google and youtube let me cut me off i dont wonna she things anymore

I am 18 minutes in, and this documentary has not mentioned ONE thing that I didn't already know. Does this get more informative, or is this just a very basic informational doc for boomers who don't know how the internet works?

Razvan Ciobanu

After I watch this video I put myself a question.. How really true may be this video? It isn't another manipulation?

John Gowen

Top Pediatrician Scranton Pa, Joseph Biden. Thanks Google!!!

SithLord Hibiscus

Google Earth is kinda my thing bc I love geology and geography – and the math that comes with it. So I'm weird, yes. lol. But here's what I don't like: it shows your home and your car, AND debt collectors (amongst others) use social media (SM) and Google Earth (GE) to find out where you live, what car you drive (or might be driving) and can determine the ave price of a house in your neighbourhood, etc. etc. which in turn, determines if they REALLY persistently call you or sue you, or they decide to just let it slide bc maybe you live in low income housing and they aren't going to get much out of you anyway. Now, I'm not saying it's okay to open up credit cards, max 'em out and refuse to pay. Most debtors don't do that – they have legit reasons they cannot pay their debts which might be low income, health issues/medical bills, other more pressing expenses that take priority, etc. If they google your address on file, they might see a 5 bd 3 storey home that you don't actually own and file a lawsuit. THey might see a BMW that's not yours. They're not supposed to use SM but we all know they do bc who the fuck is going to pick up their phone when they see it's a debt collector, right? THey work on commission. Or maybe you did get a new car instead of paying your credit card debt. Oh well, that's still private information until you choose to disclose it. They should only be able to use legal methods to obtain the info they want and we know they won't play by the rules. AT least Google could make it harder for them to find the information.

SithLord Hibiscus

We have a major problem that they've both contributed to and profit from: laziness. Today's <30 pop. are lazier than ever. They don't want to problem solve; they just want the answer and they want it NOW. They're highly suggestible and not overly analytical or independent thinkers. Tech companies made it simpler and faster to get those answers and for many, that's all they want. They don't care if Google or FB knows their entire daily schedule and in fact, find you to be suspect if you don't have social media or if you aren't by your phone 24/7. That's now "normal". If they can't search you, that's suspect.

Susan Brewer

I don't doubt the info presented here YET my catch22 is this…if they're so adverse and controlling, why am I getting to watch this on my Android on YouTube?

The Patriot Review

Great video! I'll be sharing this on a future episode of The Patriot Review.


I, for one, welcome our new algorithmic overlords and would be willing to help them assimilate the rest of the human race in exchange for very modest consideration.

Of course, they don't need any of the help I could provide… so there's that…

Dimitar Georgiev

nice supression of an important documentary …and if its just ppl not being interested and afraid, then they are happy with having no privacy i guess

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