I Bought a DRUG DEALERS Storage Unit! It Was LOADED WITH MONEY FLOOR TO CEILING! Storage Unit Finds

I bought this abandoned storage unit for $180 not expecting much, but we quickly realized that it was going to be a big money winner! This is not the first time I bought a drug dealers storage unit, and every time I have, it has always been an amazingly profitable experience!

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Treasure Hunting With Jebus

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Matthew Garsia

The brand clothes the shoes they gaming stuff the hooka the possession for weed the watches the Dogg stuff the small tv the bathroom stuff the perfume I know it trust me this guy has to be some sort of Dominican

Bro Music Album Reviews

Not mont blank you pronounce it like mont blonk

Joey Vee

If that’s a real drug dealer storage then the cops would have confiscated the entire storage contents 😄😄😄 nice try


Still got the black/white/gold Addidas shoes? Would like to buy them! What size are they?

Chicken Souo

Why don’t you just give all of it back if your going to give back personal pictures some of that stuff has personal memories!!


Those nickelodeon key chains were the best find. Awesome video

José ignacio Murcia

El primer billete es de Colombia de 10000mil pesos

Cheri Forstein

He has no civil action against you you bought the storage unit… He has no right to anything… furthermore you never mentioned his name address etc on YouTube or anywhere else. However, you could have a criminal case against him. He made terrorist threats against you which is a crime, he could go to prison for that so if you want to cover your ass you go to the police with those text messages. People who are ignorant such as this fella do real stupid things so you really need to report this moron…..

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