Diamond Player adds me on Discord to flame without realizing I'm Challenger

j4 losing hair like hes at the barber shop

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Song: Zekk – Summer

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"You sound nervous" says the guy speaking 1000mph hyper ventilating

Instinct Goku

bruh just today i destroyed a guy named shes surfing lol

Just Calvin

“Are you n n n n n nervous. Y y y you sound a bit nervous” wtaf

Martin Christensen

ArE yOu NeRvOouS… heavy breathing, stutter, 9000x speed


I got owned by an akali… Im gonna sdd him om discord and be rude. Thall get him sad and not stroke his ego whatsoever

seriously what music is he using, like the music not the song outro, like the playmaking montage music


I swear these guys cannot say what they type.

The only reason I started mic'ing up lol. 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Lmao this dork said irelia is fuckin broken when she has a 45% wr and while he’s playing fuckin Akali hahahahahaha I can’t bro. And shit at least handle yourself better if you’re gonna try to talk shit on discord -“are are you you are you nervous? A-a-a-are you n-n-n-nervous?” Lmao


to be honest. the comments made it seem like yami was the bad guy. but id be mad too if someone talked to me like that.

Noah Frenzel

I think it was actually very embarrassing how you talked to that guy in the end…

Ghostii'z Channel

you lookmore nervous that him ..liek you got 2000 people behind you .. ridicule pussy

That jarvan would probably say that about any champ, fking trash incel

Griffin Jackson

At 1:00 u say he has to recall to break the freeze? How does recalling force a bounce back?


So u telling me diamond in NA dont ward tri bush lv 6?
Either diamond NA is gold EUW or this is not Diamond 😅

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