Free Short Course: Digital Forensics (Updated) – Module 3

Join us each week over 4 weeks to learn about:
High-level view of the emerging and evolving digital forensics field
Investigating, detecting and preventing digital crimes
Formulating a digital forensics process
Collecting electronic evidence
Social media, mobile device and cloud forensics

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0:00 Welcome
5:48 The Purpose of Role and File Systems
7:34 Digital Forensics Related File Systems Attributes
13:51 Solid-State Storage Devices (SSDs)
16:29 Microsoft File Structure
20:31 Disk Partitions
22:08 Disk Partitions view in Win Hex
23:32 FAT (File Allocation Table) File System
25:34 Examining FAT Disks
27:33 Windows NT File System (NTFS)
30:19 Some Features of NTFS
31:11 Virtual Platforms
31:41 Virtualisation Concepts
35:07 Hypervisors
36:19 VM Investigation
40:40 Performing Live Acquisitions
43:13 Network Forensics
44:50 Procedures for Network Forensics
46:54 Email and social media
47:17 Top 10 Email Clients Market Share by Month
50:32 Email Forensics Introduction
53:35 SPAM Email Example
55:42 Global Spam Volume
59:07 Email Investigations
1:01:19 Email Forensics Introduction
1:03:16 Email Investigations
1:04:14 Examining Email Messages
1:05:11 Viewing Email Headers
1:08:01 Social Media Forensics
1:14:15 Social Media Forensics on Mobile Devices
1:16:18 Forensics Tools for Social Media Investigations
1:18:17 Q&A

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