Introduction to Packet Analysis – Part 1: Network Protocols

Author: Jeremy Druin
Twitter: @webpwnized
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Description: From the ISSA-KY Network Packet Analysis Workshop, this video introduces the basics of the OSI packet model, application packet model and common network protocols. Later videos will discuss specific protocols such as TCP, IP, UDP and HTTP. Later, packets will be captured into PCAPs which are analyzed with Wireshark and Network Miner.

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If you would like access to the full course including the lab exercises and walk-through, please consider taking the course at


Hats off to you sir. This is what I was looking for, the big picture of how packets are transmited. Thanks!

John Magee

This is the first tutorial I've found that really breaks this down with simple language, under the assumption that I don't know anything – which is very greatly appreciated. Thanks

I've watched ~12 hrs of Intro videos related to packet analysis and understanding Wireshark and this is in the top 2 or 3. Good job breaking it down.

Yeslyn Casasola

Question, at 39:10 you explain that 04 f9 is equal to Scr Port: 1273. How is this number calculated. I keep getting a different number.

Paulli Gatto

Well it ain't Fast and Furious, but it is the best explanation of these layers I've ever come across. First time I feel like I understand them somewhat.

Turnnam Taslim

I want to analyze different protocol like eigrp osp and want to show output on graph which tool should I use for this ?

You have done a masterful job at crafting this (abstract) information in a way that appropriately targets the audience. This is by far one of the best lectures of complex material that I’ve seen in a while. I’m an IT student and needed a refresher on the OSI model.

R Damon Whitley

Hey, Jeremy I appreciate your time on doing this. Your 'You Tube' video has become the beginning standard for my IT soldiers before I let them loose on Network Analysis tasks !!!

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