Welcome back to The Ultimate Tech Hub. On today’s episode we are switching from Cox Cable to CenturyLink Fiber Optics. We will show you the entire installation and the true speeds of the 1 Gigabit connection. We will also compare prices for cable versus fiber. If you have any questions about this video please leave them in the comments down below. Thank you for being a part of The Ultimate Tech Hub Team and if you haven’t Subscribed yet please do its free. And if you like this video give a thumbs up and share it. Thanks again for watching the Ultimate Tech Hub Channel! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualified purchases.

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0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:32 Network Panel Location
0:00:45 Fiber Optic Line Demarcation Point
0:01:05 Fiber Optic Cable Line Installation
0:02:09 Fiber Optic Modem Installation
0:02:35 Fiber Speed Test
0:02:46 Factors Determining Network Speed
0:03:52 Fiber With CenturyLink
0:04:03 Compare CenturyLink To Cox ( Price & Speeds )
0:04:50 Conclusion

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We hope this video helps you understand how to cut the cord and switch to fiber optics. We considered speed and pricing as our 2 main reasons for switching. Thanks for watching!

Noah Bourk

How do use a third party router with Centrylink aka Quantum gig fiber? I am running into issues with PPOE, DCHP, VLAN etc.


This is a good video, but if you ever get to read this, I just have one question. How did you know that you had an FOC already installed in the side electrical panel of your house (which looked like it was also initially buried behind a wall, beneath other power cables)? Did you just call Centurylink to ask about it and your service availability in general? Or did you just conduct your own Site Survey at home to find or discover it?

Discount Low Voltage

At the 2:14 nice to see the tech with a cleaning tool for the end faces of the connectors. 🍄

I’m currently waiting for my technician to come install internet lol

dimitar Zdravkov


Michael Loving

my family and I had AT&T U verse (dsl) now we have AT&T Gigabit fiber internet bundle with Voip phone,dtv

Hayze Productions

1 thing that went way over your head when making this video last year.
Most important factor to download speed.
If your on wireless or ethernet. Wireless wont give you that 940mb/s however running on ethernet will.

Gamepad 31

for me,I'd do this DIY style and convert an old Dish that was built for TV and use it for Fiber internet instead. at least when we go 10gigabit. use one fiber cable to decode the signal from the Satellites in space and another fiber cable to convert over those signals for the Cat 6 Ethernet.

José Olé Posolé

Suggestions as to the BEST ROUTER to go with my fiber optic box??? Anyone??

Gary Gilbert

What brand of fiber optic converter box / modem did you use for the fiber optic to cat 5,6, or 7 cable, the into your router? Thanks đź‘Ť. Great video.

omg that is very costly fiber in america in hear in get fastest as 1 gigabit speed ffor only 10 dollars per month and no ont cost also and i get free landline calls too

Hello Google

So your whole tutorial is you paid someone to do it? Wooowwwww amazinggggggg

Hurricane Aquatics

You should have called a professional to teach you that electronics need AIR FLOW. That closet is the worst idea in the world. You have multiple areas that are blocking wifi and the "closet" is actually a breakout box that you have turned into a "network closet". You're not getting those speeds because your equipment is HOT and you have a terrible location for the wireless router that blocks signal.


Was wondering, what are some good, cheap modems that can run fiber-optic? I might be getting fiber soon and my modem is shit.


Have you encountered any DHCP issues going from the modem to your router? CL has been extremely unhelpful with this issue.

Norman Bemis III

I'm in Vegas also and looking into fiber from CenturyLink. Is the fiber line "pure fiber" to the house or "last mile" fiber to street/ coax to house? Their website doesn't specify which is used specifically just that both may be used. Thanks!


So is CAT 6 good for fiber internet speeds? will there be no bottlenecks? I already have Fiber in my house but the router is upstairs and my room is downstairs. I am wanting to do a wire that goes to my room through the wall and have a port set up in my room. Is that possible with a CAT 6 cable or do I need another cable in order to create that port? I know I will need the CAT 6 cable to plug in my PC to the port that will be built in my room. I am not sure which cable to use to create the port though.

Devin Renshaw

But most fiber providers are actually cable providers lol

Jussi Nissi

Holy jesus it is expensive the US! 1 gig symmetrical connection with cable TV is 28€ / month.

help me i have fiber 1000 am i am getting less than 2 megabytes per a second and everything always freezes what do i do

Patrice Boivin

I thought this was about setting up fiber in the home, not the connection to the ISP.

P. Wingert

Here in Canada, the local telecom offers fiber optic. The local cable company does not. The telecom company is called Bell Canada. Bell supplies the fiber optic NT-1 interface and runs the fiber cable to the home and to the DMARC demarcation point. They also supply the GPON box and a battery backup for the connection. In the last place, I live they ran a single-mode yellow cable from the Telecom room on the side of the apartment building to the distribution cabinet on the 8th floor and then to my individual room in the shared apartment. They wired the entire building at once as part of an affordability internet and telecom access project for 650 rooms in the building organized as 26 apartments. While the infrastructure setup was done for free t the internet service (300Mb.s) was $CDN150 a month but included digital television for the first six months. I am the only person in the building who signed up for the service. Most people just used their phones for internet access. Many of the residents were not digitally literate and some were openly hostile about the internet and technology refusing to have even a phone! The building I live in now can only have internet via the cable tv company. I only have the option of the low-income service because it's social housing. I get 25Mb/s but it's only $CDN11.50 a month. It's fairly stable and only fails about once a month for a couple of hours at a time. At about 3am I also regularly lose the connection. Someone once told me they are reallocating bandwidth to corporate customers for large volume oversight data transfers. I am now living in a much lower income neighborhood rather than my former downtown building in the Heart of Toronto. Thought you might like to know how income affects internet choices based on neighborhood income levels.


Symmetrical speeds and latency are the biggest benefits of fiber, not to mention not having to worry about upstream ingress from other locations. So yes fiber is ideal but not no much because of the speed, most people only use 60Mbs and thats with a 5-6 people at once streaming and gaming.

By any chance do you live in Arizona? I only have those 2 internet options here and the outside of your house looks like it belongs in Arizona also if century link only offers DSL in my area can I do what you did to get fiber? Because the cable internet I have with Cox is good but with fiber I can get lower latency

Gum Hoi Gum

I’m confused, where is the fiber ONT box. Fiber line went straight from the street to the modem in your home network panel box?! Thanks for sharing this video!

Bad video- what fiber cable spec did your cable provider spec for you? You also need the spec for the connector to the base rack of your building. Horrible video

Tsvetan Radev

I also live in Vegas but dont have fiber as an option… Do you think its possible i somehow do it myself?

Daring Dave

thank you so much! very informational even the bit about providers at the end!

William Bosco

Could you please post the model # of the modem that was shown at 2:22 Thanks

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