How to Make Friends Online(Discord Edition)

If you want to learn to make friends, the easiest way to do it is in this quick video, where you will learn the basics in friendship on discord
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Mariacha in Virginia:

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Also fucking subscribe you fucks

allergic to humans not animals

Texting is fine but joining random servers and talking through your mic 😭😭 my anxiety goes through the roof just thinking about it

bubba#6655 umm add me and we can learn valorant and league together because i just started


I'm gonna be honest- I searched for these- "how to make discord friends" I just feel kind of left out of my other friends having online friends and me not having any cuz I'm scared of what people would think, I am looking for discord friends- (I play genshin impact)

plasma Dan Vr

I haven't hit puberty and when i tried this they told me to shut up stupid kid..even tho im not that young

Salah Jäger

All I want is an online friend who doesn't ignore me and try to avoid me like not responding or something

Jaser Marquez

I only searched this cuz the people I usually meet are from the uk or England

I’m so bad at talking to people I can’t believe I searched this up

im not an introvert im just shy and have no idea how to talk to people and then the conversation fizzles out in an hour or so. Im also a console nerd and play bedrock so everyone just goes full on “jAva is bEtteR”

my family is the only people i talk to during this quarantine lmao

Drop uR diScorD iF yOu wAnT tO bE fRiendS, If You want to add me Mines Is HidingFromImrane#0036 (🙁)

Wait- what?

i’m sure we’re all here cuz we’re lonely ;-;
( i’m a girl btw)
my user is wait.. wha-#5206

「 • azelkuzu •」

dw your not the only one who searched how to make friends online :,,)

i really searched "how to make friends online" , it can't get worse than this


Bruh all the people just ghosted me and stopped talking. No wonder some yall are lonely

unknown leagendz01

I dont know if this is legit or complete bullshit😐🤔

Ay so I'm kinda lonely and sad right now so if anyone wants to be friends with me then reply your Username#Tag

ruby ploche

i just searched up how to make friends.. i just wanna play minecraft with people lmao

a friend of mine recently made an anime server, anyone wanna join ?


No but actually if anyone’s on pc please hit me up Trashbag#5597 on discord

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