Customer Testimonials

“Your conference call schedulers are always courteous and attentive. They are extremely flexible when it comes to cancellations and the last minute scheduling of calls. Also, I’ve never had a problem with the billing; the invoices are very easy to understand.”
— Kelly C. Manager – National Software Co.
“In an effort to keep the Direct Sales Team for our company abreast of the fast and ever-changing pace of computer sales, it is necessary for me to hold conference calls on a regular basis; at times, with a moment’s notice. It is, without a doubt, the friendly representatives at their quick attention to detail, outstanding professionalism, and team approach that certainly add to the SUCCESS of our division.”
— Frederick D. – Administrator – Fortune 500 Computer Retailer
“Thank you so very much! You certainly give a very positive impression for CNI!! I work in customer service myself, and appreciate the demands of this work. I am looking forward to my new LD provider”
— John
“Have been doing business with CNI for several years, and would highly recommend the service to anyone. I’m amazed at people who still pay excessively high long distance rates!! Thanks to CNI Telecom, I’ve CUT my Long Distance costs! Thank you…..”
— Curtis
“It is extrememly refreshing to deal with someone with your skills and attitude. You are an “oasis of sales professionalism in a desert of apathy”! Thanks for your help, I will be passing your name and web site along to others.”
— Jim
“We have always had great customer service, the calls go smoothly and we have never been denied a call when requested. We had used other companies prior to, and we did run into problems where there were no lines available. All other staff that has booked conference calls have been equally as pleased with the service. It makes our jobs much easier.”
— Teresa S. – Administrator – National Food Distributor
“…..Thanks much; I will do that. I appreciate the prompt, straightforward and efficient service that you give. I am really frustrated and fed up with MCI, ATT and Sprints’ “hard sell” and misrepresentations, and look forward to being with your service.”
— Fred
“Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your fine service. Since switching our long distance service to you, we’ve had no dropped calls, system problems, etc. I was a bit leery to make the change, with you being cross country and all, but you have reduced our long distance/800 lines bill by more than 50% over ATT’s corporate/whiz-bang discounted rates.”
— Howard
“I’m going to plug a telephone company here because they have been nice to me, and they have a refreshingly non-big name company feel to them. CNI Telecom is an alternative to AT&T, Sprint, MCI, and the other big companies. Personally, I’ve found that CNI Telecom is much more up front about their rates and plans. There’s no confusing small print. There’s no complex algorithms for the calling plan. They don’t try to screw you over. They’re nice guys. Their rates are very competitive. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to charities. See? Nice guys. You can even sign up over the internet….”
— Brendan
“I would just like to take some time out of my day to say thank you for the outstanding customer service and commitment to pleasing your customers. After months of struggle and high long distance bills from other carriers, I am confident I have made a wise choice for my residential calling.”
— Craig
“Referring lots of people/businesses to you – especially at a trade show this past week. Let me know what happens.”
— Karen
“Thanks so much for your prompt response. It’s a pleasure doing business with you.”
— Ann
“Thank you for working with me to get phone service in my new location, and for assuring that I received the credit on my last bill for problems when I originally switched. I look forward to continued service with CNI. I appreciate your “can do” and friendly attitude.”
— Jesse
“You’re the first LD person I spoke to in a long long time who cares about their job and takes it serious. I try not to be difficult but when something doesn’t get done the right way its bound to make a person crazy — especially when I have quite a few people I have to watch out over. Thanks again. You have been wonderful!”
— Tamme
“I really like the itemized bill. It is easy to read. I am sure others will like it, too.”
— Helen
“Thanks for the information. I am delighted with CNI’s long distance service.”
— Steve
“It was good to talk to you yesterday about long distance service. I appreciate your thorough answers to my questions. Again, thanks for your time.”
— Katie
“Thank you for quick response. It’s does not happen everyday. When it does, it is greatly appreciated.”
— Zane
“Thank you for sharing that mission statement with me. That just confirms that I made the right decision in switching to your service. My personal mission is to communicate the dream and create avenues of opportunity for every person to live without abuse or oppression. I have been able to forward that vision through the place I work, The Step Group Foundation, Amnesty International, and now even my long distance service. Thank you!!”
— Jeanne
“I’m glad that all is going as planned. I must say, I was very surprised when I received my first bill! Glad I switched! Thanks again!”
— Sheila
“Your company is an excellent long distance service provider. You have a friendly and helpful staff and low rates. Keep up the good work….”
— Jim
“Thanks for your help, and for great service!”
— Peter

CNI Telecom is a supporter of the Waterkeeper Alliance, a grassroots organization dedicated to protecting and restoring rivers and coastal waters.