LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media

The world has entered a new information age that has transformed the planet into a common space where billions of people can connect and share information on a global scale. Social media platforms constitute a key instrument of this technological revolution. However, they are not merely a way to connect with other people, market business, or promote political campaigns. They can now be used to shape the outcome of elections, battles, and even geopolitics itself. The online world has become a global space of confrontation that we need to better understand, as fights for popularity and perception merge with real world conflicts. P.W. Singer and Emerson T. Brooking’s book, LikeWar, tackles this phenomenon. The International Security Program invites you to a discussion of this critical issue with Dr. Singer and Dr. Kathleen Hicks.

This event was made possible through support from CSIS.


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E thedrummer

And the logical Implication of this talk is ……AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Unsound Sound

I think LikeWar is essential reading for all Americans! (Along with others like "On Bullshit" by Frankfurt.)

That said, there are some bullshit moments in this book, the worst of which is carelessly lumping the Green Party (a pro-democracy political party, c.f. the Ten Key Values of the Green Party ) in with the alt-right and white supremacists as a "divisive" agent. If that wasn't an act of ignorance in itself, he showed zero examples of how the Green Party drives wedges for the explicit purpose of creating a favorable condition for itself, whether they use social media to do so or not. To top it off, he makes a Nader-like plea for corporate responsibility and even references "unsafe at any speed"-like arguments about car safety as a parallel. Not well thought out. What was the purpose behind this bullshit?

Weaponization ? Things like this spoil search. None of this is a weapon, misinformation or smear campaign maybe or communication. I was searching to see is there are any weird things going on with 5G, with these different signal bands, I was wondering could they mess with peoples brains in any way. Like an actual weapon, or start firing microwaves at people or dangerous radiation to cause cancer. Like imagine they shot you with radiation using your phone as a gps obviously with social media linking to your device. A bad government could start assassinating people…more.


The descriåtion of what the Russians can do doesnt make sense when you know about the US Information Domination doctrine. Someone is fundamentalt wrong.

ketin porta

In case you are interested, this is happening now in Chile since October 18, bombings of ideological publications on social networks! hate instigation, message manipulation and mass management.

sarah kelly

what a bunch of hogwash, russian influence, et cetera… repackaged propaganda…


“You are now what you share. And through what you choose, you share who you truly are.”

Robert balibrera

social media and the media itself promotes civil unrest Civil War violence this is true must not be unseen

eric saferstein

Preventing terrorism through the social media act of 2016 —

eric saferstein

Mr. Singer & Mr. Brooking — I think you might find my website to be of interest. It deals with a very specific cybersecurity threat. One that would likely involve the weaponizing of social media. (Artificially Generated Stampede Awareness Foundation)

dean mckay

he says it, terrorism can be applied to politrics spelt that wrong on purpose. yes it can because governments kill far more people than these small terrorist groups they tell us to fear which they inturn fund to fight other wars for them and then it back fires cause they dont learn from their mistakes or is it deliberate. now where did i put my tinfoil hat lol. one of the guys is assosiated with the cfr oh dear where in trouble now we must pass more laws to take more of peoples freedoms away to better protect them and laws to better police the internet which they already do. remember laws are only as good as the people using those laws correctly and not abusing them or not havng a good understanding of correct use and application of such laws. in other words where all fucked if we keep listening to and giving over our power to the wrong people lolz.

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