1. What is Computation?

MIT 6.0001 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python, Fall 2016
Instructor: Dr. Ana Bell
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In this lecture, Dr. Bell introduces the theory of computation and explains some aspects of computational thinking. Programming languages are discussed, with an emphasis on basic Python syntax and data structures.

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
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My god, you're a grown woman. Learn to speak before you try to lecture!

Alan Canon

I've been playing with computers since before this good instructor was born. So wonderful to get to "see the lights come on" for a new generation, taught by such an able and enthusiastic instructor. Go Dr. Bell!

Tom Jose

Is this kindergarten? Gujarat(India) professors will be ROFL seeing this course.


Are 6.0001 and 6.0002 enough to learn complete Python rpogramming?


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Jimnesstar Lyngdoh Nonglait


From the comments here, OpenCourseWare is obviously an amazing idea, but it really highlights how the thing that seems to be worth more than the knowledge that you will glean from any university course, is the piece of paper with a logo on it, that you get at the end.

Blue Diamond

graduated Stevens tech back in 2002 only learn a bit of C++ now im so eager to learn Java n Python- this is great thanks πŸ™‚

Momad Shonoy

I have seen the practical human robo reflection of computation on real time practice, 🀣

Phoenix Ocean

Family: What college are you attending?

Me: YouTube Academy.

Bhuvanesh Waran

I really appreciate this, as a self learner its really awesome 😎

tuan nabolas

Now, I don't need to go to MIT anymore. Because of internet, distance is not going to be problem anymore. Good teaching. Everything so clear enough for me.


My class teacher is frustrated by her own work but she is not

Sirisak Sirisak

12 sessions.From zero to known step by step , you nothing to lose ,why not.

Silvia PabΓ³n

I am going to use Python to support the process of Math learning… "the syntaxes the semantics"…having clear concepts. besides that i got AI news ….Tensor seems like a great superficial language for deep learning if someone is interested is writing less code haha.

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