Robocall Mitigation with ProSBC and YouMail AI

In January of 2021, over 4 billion robocalls were placed, many were part of an international scam and designed to ensnare unwitting victims. Illegal robocalling continues to be the #1 consumer complaint to the FCC. To address this, the FCC has issued numerous orders, designed to stamp out illegal robocalling and protect US consumers from fraud and other various scams. One of these orders requires development of a robocall mitigation program at the originating service provider.

In this session, we are joined by Mike Rudolph, the CTO of YouMail, to learn about their AI-powered robocall sensor network, and show how service providers and enterprises can use YouMail along with ProSBC to quickly implement a highly-effective robocall mitigation program.

YouMail consumer call screening product:
ProSBC Pricing and product information:
Implementation notes on TBwiki:

Introductions and Agenda – 01:17
The Problem – 04:33
Government Actions – 15:38
YouMail Robocall Detection – 18:38
Robocall Mitigation with ProSBC and YouMail – 37:40
Learn more – 47:28
Q/A – 49:30

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