Why Do Cell Phone Bills Cost So Much In The U.S.?

The average American spent $1,218 for cell phone service in 2019. That comes out to just over $100 per month. Check out the video to find out why you may be paying so much for your phone service and what you can do to save some money.

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Why Do Cell Phone Bills Cost So Much In The U.S.?


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Has anybody heard of prepaid plans!?!? I pay $35 a month for unlimited text and calling and 15GB of data!


The reason why I switched to Visible (which is on Verizon's network), I'm paying $25 for unlimited Data, talk and text. The only thing I don't get is data roaming, but that hasn't really effected my service.


i had no idea about this …i will be switching over to mint … I have a Samsung Galaxy with a Verizon unlimited plan and they throttle my speeds every day down to 5mbps

Habib Azouk

lol in algeria a third world country i pay $10 for 60gb of data and unlimited texts and calls lol america is dumb


I pay 35 Dollars for cricket wireless with 10gbs of data per month. Everyone I say this to reacts with surprise and says they pay double that. Gotta think outside the box if you want to find good deals folks. Also, there are cheaper services out there but you have to bring your own phone which sots a few hundred dollars to begin with and they don't have fancy deals or phone upgrades.

The Tower - Fantasy Music

In Portugal, I pay less than what would amount to 10 dollars per month… damn socialism

Piergiulio Fasciani

1+$/gb is crazy expensive in Europe! In Italy you can get 120gb for 9.99€ with unlimited everythig else!

Elizabeth Cherry

I will be the first to admit that I am a data hog, I am so bad that I have a 2nd phone to use when I reach the 35gb and my carrierthrottle me back, I got another 35gb to use. Normally my bill would be $60 ,but because I have multiple phone lines I pay $60 for 2 lines instead of one and the other lines are paid by the people that use those line in my house, aye it's cheaper than cable, If I was to go the cable route I would not be getting what I get from my phone.

Dan Mitchell

I live in Nevada, my service with AT&T $168.68 for two phones. That’s 2026.56 a year. Not happy!

Bruns Bynum

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Skywalker 84

finaly, not something about bitcoin😩
in switzerland with 25$ you hav everything unlimited for calls and 4g in country

Manuel J. Rojas

In Colombia I pay USD$12 for unlimited calls, texts and 25 GB of data.

Jeff Steelfleck

and here i am spend either equivelant of 0.75 cent usd for 10gb 10+mbps internet perday or pay equiveland of 10 dollar usd a month for unlimited 1.25 mpbs. if you wanna say i had a bad deal please compare my data plan to the US one


why are landline phones STILL so expensive? They SHOULD be basically free… yet they cost even more than cell phones in monthly fees

Tyler Benney

I pay £10 a month for my phone. I think that’s pretty good.

Math is not for the faint of heart

Total lack of competition. That's it! Sprint has been taken by Tmobil and Verizon teamed up with AT&T. I got a letter stating that my S7 (bought new in 2016) is not going to work anymore effective 2022, thanks to new policy by the merger of Sprint with Tmobil. I understand, an S7 isn't the newest phone anymore, but it is working fine and I am not a phonaholic so I don't care for a new phone. But I will be looking for a new phone now because I have to. And the monthly bill isn't going to go down either after the merger. And you think cellphone plans are expensive? Check out internet in the US. Expensive too and not at all that fast. Again, lack of competition.

kung_av_sverige tiktok kungen av edsbyn

About 20$ in sweden unlimited calls and text 5gb data

Anthony Greg

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Dlp 1985 fan

I pay 30 dallors for my phone card and I pay 65 dallors buss pass

Divyang Vaidya

The providers make you pay for data, talk, and text as well as your monthly payment for your phone together, this is why it is so expensive. $800 phone financed for 2 years and the data, talk, and text costs $45-65 per month.

MWB Gaming

In Australia I pay $199 per month for unlimited network use worldwide (literally nothing I do on my phone will make my monthly bill go over $199, even international roaming)

Ricardo m

If people look up these companies effective tax rate it's under 19% t mobile had an effect tax rate of 8% the heck they complain about investing in their company? Then try to blame people high Bill's on local governments hahaha how about these companies pay their taxes in the first place

Ricardo m

Its capitalism people Americans pay more for everything because the government bends over to the will of major corporations

The cheapest one in India is 5$ for 3months with unlimited calls and texts and 6GB of data

I live in Asia and I'm paying US$65 for unlimited 4.5 G mobile service PLUS unlimited 1GB home broadband.
I think the better question is this: Why is everything is so much more expensive in US.

Here I am wondering why these people are paying so much.. I am paying $15 a month on T-Mobile…

Collins Darcie

The faint fair michael connoly coil because copper morphometrically drag about a thankful appeal. smiling, careless roof

Sakshi Sharma

I pay 3$ per month and get 56 gb of data and unlimited calling.

Rajesh Makala

America has expensive hospitals bills
America has expensive college fees
America has expensive phone bills
What next?

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