atoti meetup – Customer Churn prediction in the Telecommunication industry

Churn is a critical metric for subscription and SaaS companies as it tells us how the departing customers affects the company’s monthly revenue and growth, consequently investors’ confidence in the company as well –

In this webinar, we will look at the customer churn in the telecommunication sector and explore the accuracy of 4 different machine learning algorithms:

– Logistic Regression Prediction
– Logistic Regression (SMOTE) Prediction
– Naive Bayes Prediction
– SVM Classifier Linear Prediction

We will compare each model’s prediction and explore with atoti the impact of each model on:

– Predicted revenue loss
– Number of customers to retain
– Expense spent to retain or replace customer

As well as check how those indicators are impacted by the target Net Revenue Retention (NRR) and the budget spent on customer retention or replacement.

Notebook link:

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Mani Kumar

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I am facing issue on the latest version(i.e. 0.5.5)
Could you please help me to solve this..

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