AT&T vs. Verizon: Which Should You Choose??

We’re comparing the top two carriers in the country: AT&T vs. Verizon. We’re comparing them in five categories: Coverage, Plan Options, Data Speeds, Pricing, and Perks. Learn more here:

0:00 | AT&T VS Verizon Intro
0:27 | Does AT&T or Verizon Have Better Coverage?
0:36 | Does Verizon or AT&T Have Better Plans?
1:00 | Is AT&T or Verizon Cheaper?
1:21 | Is Verizon or AT&T Faster?
1:40 | Who Has Better Perks AT&T or Verizon?

The 5 categories we’re comparing are:
Best Coverage
Plan Options
Data Speeds


Verizon gets the win here. Verizon’s coverage far outranks AT&T’s (and every other carrier too).

We’re giving Verizon a second win here! With 18 total plan options (as of 10/19), they offer 5 more plans than AT&T.

This might be controversial, but Ookla a nationwide site that compares data speeds of the major carriers says AT&T has the fastest data speeds of all the carriers.

AT&T wins here because every one of their plans is cheaper than Verizon’s. For instance, AT&T’s most expensive plan is $80 whereas Verizon’s is $90. AND Verizon’s cheapest unlimited plan is $65 where AT&T’s is $50.

AT&T gets this win. Although Verizon offers Apple Music, and will soon offer Disney + to all of their customers, AT&T offers on demand TV, Movies, Music and more.

Although AT&T comes out on top in this vide, that doesn’t mean they are for you. Make sure you have coverage in your area with EITHER carrier before switching. You can check coverage here by typing in your address into the “Coverage Check” Box:

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today i just found out at&t is cheaper cuz i was looking out with the new iphone se 2020 and im paying 3-4 per month with the cheapest unlimited 4 plan and for verizon im paying my iphone 11 pro max like 42 but with at&t im looking at rn is 32 and oh yeah this is the 256 gb just letting u guys know


AT&T is fine as long as you don’t need assistance. Upgraded to the iPhone Pro Max and AT&T shipped it through Fed Ex who stole my iPhone. Not ATT’s fault obviously but they were tone deaf in helping me solve the issues.

Aimster B

I’m in Ohio and I’ve had Verizon for several years. Switched to At&t because I was told that my bill would be $60 less. But my service is horrible. So although I’m not out of my contract, I’m going back to Verizon.

Rasheed A

The customer service (and service) is much better at Verizon than AT&T (which btw is being sued for lying to customers). Verizon is the best, more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Dr Steve

Call Verizon’s customer service and try to talk to a real person in under an hour and that should help you decide


AT&T is type bad in NYC, while Verizon is very good in NYC.


So I am definitely a carrier hoe. I've had TMobile for years and seen them improve tremendously. T-Mobile included Netflix on Us(Post paid) I loved their coverage and 50GB cap before being throttled, also their internet speed was blazing fast. Now I had AT&T prepaid services for two weeks. As in your video coverage depends on areas. Very important to check coverage. Where you work, travel and home. Even though their internet speeds were faster than TMobile. I couldn't deal with the unreliability. Now the final one Verizon. I switched to Verizon prepaid two weeks after att. I loved that I had coverage literally EVERYWHERE I went. Even at times when my friends had LTE and I didn't [BARELY] Verizon remained reliable. Shortly after testing out Verizon prepaid I switched to a post paid plan. Now the perks of Verizon I currently have are Disney Plus, Apple Music and ESPN, and Hulu. Also a lot of promotions at the time I decided to make the switch. This is the highest phone bill I've ever paid but I'm happy because everything comes down to Coverage FOR ME. I wish they'd update their older towers to receive faster speeds. I've been complaining because 5G on my iPhone Pro Max is still spotty. I feel like because they still struggle to improve their their LTE. 5G probably won't mean anything for another two years. I really hope anyone working for Verizon that sees this post really start thinking about their customers like TMobile does. TMobile listens to their customers and continue to improve as technology advances.


idk where they got their info for at&t being faster but i switched from them to verizon a few months ago and immediately noticed a huge difference. verizon was just plain faster


It’s a really simple decision. AT&T is cheaper but also has worse Internet. Verizon is slightly more expensive, but has much better Internet. Personally I use Verizon and have had zero problems.

Wyatt Cerri

I’m thinking about switching over to Verizon because my AT&T service is worse than StraightTalk through Verizon and like the salesman says, ST doesn’t even have access to all their bands plus I have a better phone now than I did on ST.

My reception is better and having Disney+ and Apple Music pay the price difference and some more. I switched to Apple Music from Prime Music recently so it’s something I’d actually be paying for regardless eventually.


Jonathan Perkins

You get what you pay for . The point of having a cell phone service is to have coverage most places you go. Verizon all day since they beat all the competition in coverage considerably.


AT&T struggles to play 1080p60 2k and 4k YouTube videos and sometimes needs to buffer on 1080p regular with 3-4 bars. I hate it now bc i just left Verizon and had 1-2 bars here at home sometimes 3 but not often and wouldn’t have to wait for it to buffer on even 4k videos or at the least 1080p60. The difference in price is $20 bc i have 2 lines and arp thing on AT&T. Kinda makes me wish I hadn’t left Verizon but ill give it some time plus i get HBO Max vs Disney+ on Verizon. I’ll probably give it a year until my HBO Max runs out bc it’s only for a year free unless i get tired of not being able to watch my videos at forced 1080-4k and not auto at any given moment.




I like AT&T more but if you don’t like AT&T and like Verizon good for you it’s your opinion and I respect it

Silverback Silverback

I just switchrd to att and am saving TONS OF MONEY for same or maybe better service ! Verizon is a scam !

Jasi Abdulla

Cricket (which is basically att) sucks really bad here in Houston

Christopher Khadaroo

Are you able to redo the video for the most updated version? I have and can’t speak on behalf of Verizon but the newer plans that we have with 5 lines and out basic unlimited would be $30 each line. 4 lines @ 35$ and 3 lines & 45& and so on. Again, Verizon’s cell do service to fix and issue is amazing. It proves my verified all which lets you control your entire account without nick and diming other customers.

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