Apache Druid 101

Data Con LA 2020
Apache Druid is a cloud-native open-source database that enables developers to build highly-scalable, low-latency, real-time interactive dashboards and apps to explore huge quantities of data. This column-oriented database provides the microsecond query response times required for ad-hoc queries and programmatic analytics. Druid natively streams data from Apache Kafka (and more) and batch loads just about anything. At ingestion, Druid partitions data based on time so time-based queries run significantly faster than traditional databases, plus Druid offers SQL compatibility. Druid is used in production by AirBnB, Nielsen, Netflix and more for real-time and historical data analytics. This talk provides an introduction to Apache Druid including: Druid’s core architecture and its advantages, Working with streaming and batch data in Druid, Querying data and building apps on Druid and Real-world examples of Apache Druid in action
Matt Sarrel, Imply Data, Developer Evangelist


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Michal Rybinski

About the timing thing…. it seems to me that there is too much waffling around the history and about yourself, if you stick to the topic you would probably have had enough time.


No Comments??? Man, This is one of the best presentation I have seen. Thanks Matt.

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