Apache Kafka in 5 minutes

Learn the principles of Apache Kafka and how it works through easy examples and diagrams!
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I’m Stephane Maarek, a consultant and software developer, and I have a particular interest in everything related to Big Data, Cloud and API. I sat on the 2019 Program Committee organizing the Kafka Summit. I’m also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Developer, SysOps Administrator, and DevOps Engineer.

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Stephane Maarek

If you want to learn more, check out my Apache Kafka Series – Learn Apache Kafka for Beginners v2 course : https://links.datacumulus.com/apache-kafka-coupon


Is Kafka like a data lake where we can dump data from all source systems?

Andrew Haine

How companies start? That is so broad. Why not keep it to the point and say how a microservice application starts?

Aniket Manjare

Great Work!! can you please let us know how to show data on android app from thingsboard

Robin Singh

I appreciate your effort to create the video, thanks for that, however I really feel an introduction to Kafka could use some more detail. I found the information very high level and vague.

Bhanvi Sharma

how to fetch latest msg from kafka topic using java consumer

sai satya

Please help me kafka is suitable for financial services projects like banking sector

It would be nice to say what you define as "source system" and "target system" to remove chance of ambiguity.

Anosh Bilimoria

Very simply put, probably the easiest to understand explanation on this topic I have encountered yet.

Vicky Anand

Do you know , Netflix uses 4000 broker , over 36 cluster and handle 700 billion msg per day

Thumbs up for this one. Awesome job. Looking forward to more of them.

Lucas Mendonca

I'm not even over watching the video but I already would like to highlight how GREAT this introduction was. Can't describe how useful that was for me. Thank you!

Balakrishna Rao

I became fan of Stephane teaching from Udemy..that helped me gain certification..

mohamed tarek

Good explanation& good real life examples , Thank you so much

Gary Lau

May I ask if it is a good idea to deploy Kafka on Kubernetes in production?

Andrew Kondrashov

Hi! Can you help me to understand how to use kafka rest proxy? I already broke my mind!

Thamizhselvan K

Thanks for presenting this one . I'm really Impressed !

I'm about to have a 12 days Kafka training. Thank you for sharing this information about Kafka.

Hey guys ! i've made online tool – converteu.com that is extremely useful for kafka development, it converts json to avro schema.

Tamil Ponnu

This is the best course I have ever done on kafka. Short and best


I'm confused are you explaining kafka or trying to sell it to me, because I feel like you're trying to convince me to use it.

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