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In this lightboard video, Tessa Rodes with IBM Cloud explains what Platform as a Service, or PaaS, is while also using multiple analogies to illustrate how PaaS can be a more cost efficient solution by enabling developers to focus on code and not the server and software configuration.

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Pabitra Padhy

Concepts are solid, but very linear way of teaching.
Intonation of voice plays a great role, when we try to teach something, that makes the audience relate the narrative easily.

Kelvin Nguyen

I just realized all of you guys have been writing backwards this whole time. SO IMPRESSIVE!

Jim Glennon III

Great video! Very concise, yet detailed enough to get the major points across. Thank you!

Abaza Abdelmageid

the most brilliant and smart way to explain Saas, Paas, Iaas thanks a million.

Mathias Mrosinsky

Thanks for the video! Well explained! And I especially like the car example!

Teacher Russell

That was the best. I came here to understand Paas better, and now I understand Iaas AND Paas better. More from this teacher!

Sheldon Wang

not fully explained but still overall good intro video from my perspective.

Mukiza Emma

One of the best well explained in a technical way tutorials. Thanks a lot!

Dan Hong

This is one of the first videos I've ever watched without skipping forward. Concise and practical!

Arun Rai

The analogy to the car is probably the best example I have ever seen! Its so precise to the point that even non-technical people can understand these concepts very easily.

Jayakrishnan JR

what tool is this that glass board? where you are writing

Sr Leigh

what do you mean by app though? Do you mean your'e responsible for developing the applications that will be used on the Paas cloud model? You wouldn't say just be purchasing Third party apps to use on it? Are you also in charge of designing the cloud model?

Dünyadan Bildiriyorum

When s.o asks me about the Cloud I always use the car metaphor but I couldn't explain such well. You rock it! Thanks a lot very helpful content!

akarsh agrawal

Thank you very much 😇, I really like how she explained but she is bit fast so i have to watch it at 0.75x😅

Nicolas Azoidis

When you are able to explain your stuff to the mass, it means you know your stuff. By miles the best comparison explanation out there. Thank you.

BoBoBo Pan

You're at the back of the glass, does it mean you write in mirror way? and how could your ink lighting?…I'm curious about that.

Monika Cichocka

Sat here watching god knows how many of these videos, one after another- to prepare myself for my Exam(s). Very helpful!

Hi There, A complex technical stuff, you explained it so well with real world examples. Thanks for that. It really helped me understand PAAS so much more better. Good luck with your teachings.

William Wang

She's so good. 5:00 Very truthful. I was expecting some PR crap read off a teleprompter verbatim by someone in the marketing department who doesn't really understand anything. Presently surprised, very fair and on point breakdown.

Leighton Davies

Very helpful explanation thank you. This video deserves more thumbs up than it has received based on views. I never really understood it until now.

Dean Henderson

I am three quarters the way through my CompTIA A+ course (looking to change industry and eventually getting some sort of cyber security role)) and needed some extra material to bolster my understanding of cloud computing. I found your explanation on PaaS easy to understand and loved the car analogy! I guess if the computing hardware is on the premises, then that means you own the car? Thanks

I’ve watched videos to understand these differences. Suppose this is most helpful. Thanks.

Helen Miller

A CPaaS is a cloud-based specialized communication platform that allows companies to add unique communicator features to their own applications without the requirement of any back-end infrastructure. CPaaS extends the principle of Platform as a Service specifically to communications.

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