Governing the Future of the Internet

The Internet is a great human enabler. It has provided countless opportunities to communicate, share and create. Families keep in touch via WhatsApp groups. Grandmothers chat with their grandchildren who are far away on other continents. Millions work online, and previously isolated communities have now found ways to connect to the rest of the world through e-trade, blogs, and other digital interactions. The corpus of the Internet as an enabler is enormous, almost infinite.

Against this ever-changing backdrop governments, trans- and international institutions, corporations, civil society, and the general population wrestle with how best to enable and amplify the benefits of the Internet while limiting opportunities for misuse.

This expert panel will discuss the wide range of past and present proposals to address these challenges and explore the role major institutions, states, and corporations play in the future of internet governance.


Jovan Kurbalija, @jovankurbalija
Director, DiploFoundation and Head, Geneva Internet Platform

Megan Stifel, @MeganStifel
Founder & CEO, Silicon Harbor Consultants, LLC and Cybersecurity Policy Director, Public Knowledge

Sean Kanuck
Director, Future Conflict & Cyber Security, International Institute for Strategic Studies

Jane Coffin, @jane_coffin
Director, Development Strategy, Internet Society


Ian Wallace, @pianwallace
Co-Director, Cybersecurity Initiative, New America


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