Land Use Hearing Officer – 02.22.21

Welcome to the Land Use Hearing Officer Meeting – 02.22.21

Land Use Hearing Officer Agenda:

A. LUHO Withdrawals & Continuances (A.1. – A.13.)
B. Vested Rights
C. Fee Waiver
D. Reconsideration Requests
E. Site Development Variance Requests
E-1 VAR 21-0201 Variance to Encroach into Wetland Conservation Area Setback
F. Sign Variance Requests
G. Variance (VAR) Requests
G-1 VAR 20-0496 Nature of Request: Variances to Section 3.14.00 State Road 60
(Brandon Blvd) Overlay District
G-2 VAR 21-0040 Variance to allow three equivalent residential Connections on Septic
Tank in Urban Service Area
G-3 VAR 21-0185 Variance to Accessory Dwelling Requirements
G-4 VAR 21-0187 Variance to Lot Development Standards
G-5 VAR 21-0202 Variance to Lot Development Standards
G-6 VAR 21-0238 Variance to Fence Requirements
G-7 VAR 21-0249 Variance to Accessory Dwelling Requirements
H. Special Uses
H-1 SU-GEN 20-0219 Special Use for Wireless Communication Facility
H-2 SU-AB 21-0174 Special Use 4-COP Beer, Wine, and Liquor for Sale and Consumption on/off
I. Appeal (APP) Request

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