The Friendship Paradox | This is in your recommended because it relates to the spread of diseases

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This video covers what the friendship paradox is, why it occurs, and what its applications are.

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Friendship Paradox (Technical Explanation):

Friendship Paradox (less technical):

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George Panagos

Anyone else seeing this recommended right after watching the HAI vid?

Quinton Wilson

Are we just going to ignore the fact that Zach is taking shots of Kahlua straight from the bottle? @9:24

To conclude it all, we live in a simulation of sequence and perception

deepti kumar roy

David could compare himself to Carol but no… He compares to Bob😂

Rayniel-1742 Reom24961

So basically in my head all I need to do is be friends or connect with already famous people and that’s it. I don’t even have to go one by one. They say you don’t have a lot of friends:
Proceed to show a photo with Frank Sinatra, John F Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe

Johnny Guitar

"exterminate all rational thought" / "logic is a way to believe somethnig that is not with with total confidence",,, Math disproves Math, or Math proves paraodixal Truths ,,, The Certainty of Uncertainty, or Space-Time-Momentay Truths,,, or, Multiple Truths opposing each other,,,

So, now my popular friend doesn't just have more friends, he now also gets the vaccine earlier.

My friends are more popular than me
because I hate talking to strangers, so they're all long time friends from highschool and middle school :')


But when you take the average here, the average’s score is higher than the individual’s averages score.


Seriously people need to know more about cognitive bias to know how the world works.

Daren Miller

So that’s why we where doing that tracker bullshit. If your name pops up a lot, you’ll be targeted for vaccinations.

Saad Janoudi

What a great video! you just win a persistent follower :))
Avg friends of friends and weighted avg were both higher than individual avg. is this always the case? what is wrong with averaging the averages?

John Kosi

The ones with the most friends probably have covid now… So who's laughing now huh?

Flying Dart

People just find people as unpopular as you and you will become more popular.

This video went from making me depressed to curing my depression

Luthfie Yudha Irawan

i have 4 friends, is that makes me more popular than bob?

Um, if you think about this, it makes sense. Popular people would have a lot of friends and the friend of those popular people would have less friends than them. I'm not really surprised.

Mattia Manzini

I really didn’t need to learn all these things, yet I really enjoyed the video!

"Your friends are more popular than you"

Literally everyone is more popular than me

Celil Mehmed Celil

You have a small but crucial mistake about popularity. The quantity of friends doesn't determine how popular you are, the quantity of people who like to be your friend determines.

Matko Majstorovic

No it's not. It is recommended to me 'cause i watched engineer in math class video.

But then that means from my friends perspective I’m more popular then them?

Krizelle Mercado

my billie eilish stan ass thought these were a bunch of blohshs on the thumbnail


So basically it’s all Bob’s fault that we’re running around with muzzles on our face

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