How Many Social Networks Does My Business Need?

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Will your business grow fastest with one, two or three social networks? Maybe more? The answer might surprise you.

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Five Minute Social Media - Jerry Potter

So what's the best social network for YOUR business? I've been showing hundreds of business owners the Who-What-When-Where-Why Method for making that decision and getting it right the first time inside my course, _The Five Minute Social Method_:

Alexandra Muradas

I am starting on Facebook my small business. I need proper support. Thank you for your videos. They are handy. Hello from 🇬🇧

F. A Poetry

Sir my facebook page general settings and overall settings are not visible.. Why this happens plz solve my querry?

Get Fit With Flip

Thanks for the refocus I have a tee shirt business that is for raising awareness about a blood disorder through purchasing items and information I share. Currently on Instagram and still trying to learn how to effectively navigate.

Josh Sherman

I agree. The lingo, and the way people interact is also very different across other social media platforms. we have to take the time to interact on and understand each one I think before going all-in with a business account.

CB Miniature Painting Studio

love your channel, and I had to click like when you said spoiler alert on your plants haha 🙂

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