How to Break Your Social Media Addiction

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If you’re one of those people who can’t help but pull our your phone to look at Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter 1,000 times a day, then this video is for you.

Today, I’ll be sharing some practical tips for using social media responsibly – and breaking your addiction.

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This world is all about phones, I stopped talking to my friends and stopped dating because they’re all always on their phone is so annoying. I don’t have social media for that reason just YouTube.

Elesaodo Adekanmbi

To be honest I don’t know how you manage to do such a good job every single time TEECRACKS job well done 💯💯…

Ali Isah Bununu

*well I don't know how teecracks on 1G did this magic for me he's truly the best alternative I've got*…

Me who can't quit Facebook because of our class and announcement

Mara Althea

I just use it when I am going to post something very seldom , and I don't scroll so Im not wasting timehehe.. that's why when I post , they are not liking it, because I am not liking and commenting on the posts in facebook hehe

Andrew Naumann

Thank for this extremely high quality video! I learned a lot!

Ayner ndangi

It seems most of us are really addicted to social media platforms,i deleted all the social media TIKTOK Instagram Facebook Snapchat,I feel I really need some time for myself,,Ecclesiastes 3:1say there’s a season for everything, and there’s a time for every purpose,,I really need to focus on my studies,,,so basically I’m doing the 30day detox aswell

The Mad Scientist

You Tube!!!! The only social media site that's in 100 percent denial that it's a social media site!

Marley Cecilia

The “your wasting your life” thumbnail hit me REAL hard

Tae Ggukkiie

Twitter n YouTube addict and I'm a med student AND I have an exam within a month.. I'm screwed😭 I don't know how stop.. I'm frustrated😫

Celso Ferrarini

I removed the icons from the phone interface, and I got myself many times trying to click the impulse. will remove the apps from my phone and look only in the desktop sometimes. I´m wasting my time in better stuff like modular synth and arduino 😀


This is amazing, thank you! Instagram can be a life waster. It can also be a great business builder. It gave me so much anxiety for so long, I felt way too ‘exposed’ and vulnerable in the worst way being someone promoting their ‘personality’. I’ve really cut back and used these suggestions to ethically ‘scroll’ and post. 💚

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