Selling Yourself as an Analyst… What's Your 30 Second Pitch?

In my Udemy course “Turn Sales Data into Gold with Tableau” I cover how I study my client’s sales data with Tableau, a clean data set and step by step instructions to build visualizations. Click below for a temporary $9.99 special promo code:

In two weeks I will be talking on Sales Analytics at the Tableau User Group here in Greensboro. We’re also going to have a segment we’re calling “Have a Job/Need a Job” where any one looking for a jon(or a new hire) can get up and talk about themselves and the job/new hire they are looking for. This is a perfect time to reflect on my thoughts of how to sell analytics… which is something we’ve been thinking about quite a bit at Silvertone Analytics for a year and a half now. Here are my thoughts…

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Jeremy Witchel

I a co-coordinator for the Pittsburgh tableau user group, we might have to incorporate this into our next group!

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