Reaching rural areas in the social protection response to COVID-19: opportunities and challenges

The dramatic increase in the number of countries that have adopted social protection responses to the COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity to recognize the potential of social protection and enshrine these measures into systemic approaches going beyond mere ad hoc crisis responses. However, the pandemic may also have exacerbated some of the pre-existing barriers that limited the inclusion of rural populations.

Reaching rural populations with critical support has required, and will require still, innovative and adapted approaches to respond to rural populations’ needs. This webinar, co-organized by FAO and ILO, provided a platform for countries to discuss how social protection can be best leveraged as a tool to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 for rural communities, as well as challenges and opportunities for building back better in terms of longer-term social protection responses, enhancing coordination between social protection and agriculture.

Read more about the webinar discussion and access the slide presentation:

Reema Nanavaty – Self Employed Women’s Association’s (SEWA), India
Lixia Tang – College of International Development and Global Agriculture, China Agricultural University
Cecilia Mbaka – National Social Protection Secretariat, Kenya
Mounir Cherif – Social Protection Expert, Tunisia

Kroum Markov – Social Protection Policy Specialist, ILO

Ana Ocampo – Social Protection Officer, FAO

This was the twenty-fourth webinar of the “Social protection responses to COVID-19” webinar series. The series is a joint effort initiated by the IPC-IG, GIZ, and DFAT, in collaboration with the platform, and in cooperation with partners from different organisations. Join the online community ”Social protection responses to COVID-19 [Task force]” to learn more about the initiative and future webinars:

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