About CNI Telecom

CNI Telecom is an independent communications consulting firm founded in 1994. CNI Telecom promotes only the highest quality discount long distance services and other telecommunications products provided by third party resellers and telecommunications service providers.

CNI Telecom’s mission is to provide unparalleled service to its customers while supporting The Waterkeeper Alliance. Towards that end, each year CNI donates at least 1% of its gross revenues to this non-profit organization.

Because we are a consulting firm, we can recommend services from aggregators, regional carriers, inter exchange carriers, and resellers, objectively. All reseller/carrier products marketed by CNI Telecom are tariffed and licensed in the 48 contiguous states.

About The Waterkeeper Alliance:

The Waterkeeper Alliance is the umbrella organization for the more than 80 Waterkeeper programs located throughout North and Central America. The Waterkeeper movement is among the fastest growing grass-roots environmental movements and quickly is becoming a unique force for environmental change. It is an environmental “neighborhood watch” program, a citizen’s patrol to protect communities and the waters they depend on. The Keeper philosophy is based on the notion that the protection and enjoyment of a community’s natural resources requires the daily vigilance of its citizens.