Network Topology

Computer Networks: Network Topologies in Computer Networks
Topics discussed:
1) Network Topology.
2) Physical and Logical Topology.
3) Bus Topology.
4) Ring Topology.
5) Star Topology.
6) Mesh Topology.
7) Hybrid Topology.

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Eric Johncey

Thanks video very good really tomorrow is my exam.👍🏼👍🏼

superlittle Chef

i dont have leant hybrib tpology cause i m onl in class 8

Dina Theveindran

Wow! Your explanation are easy to understand . I wish all my yeachers had your skill method of explaining all subjects .

Bomber Cloud

Few addons sir :
in Ring topology connection can be bidirectional. Also Token Ring is not an example of ring toplogy.

1DA18EC004 Akash K R

How does the ring topology has better performance than bus topologhy

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