1. Introduction to Telco Cloud Basics – NFV , SDN . Architecture of Cloud Network for Telcos

Introduction to Telco Cloud Basics – NFV , SDN . Architecture & Benefits of Cloud Network for Telecom Operators

Covering Introduction & Tutorial for Telco Cloud Network , Virtualization , SDN / NFV , or Cloud Native Networks .. I am going to discuss all of these along with real life examples . In this Video , We will understand Why Cloud Native Networks have become necessity for Telecom Operators . What values & Benefits cloud networks are going to bring it to Operators

Basics & Introduction of Telco Cloud
Why Cloud Network are required in Telecom ?
How cloud solve problem of Telecom Operators & Carriers
How SDN & NFV works in telecom
How Cloud and Virtualization helps for better Capacity Management ?
The Cloud Solution
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Mohit Vashishtha

Hi, Please cover stand alone topics such as Diameter & AVPs, DNS, TCP/SCTP/UDP, AVPs, Wireshark as it will be beneficial & also help us to learn quickly…

raja ram

Hi sir ur explain is very nice, I'm want to know about DPDK-accelerated Open vSwitch, and SR-IOV

Shubham Singh

Hi Sir , Your Videos are so good and easy to understand Just keep the same and if possible then Please make video over OpenStack.

aamir bakhteyar

Great video sir, very well explained even I just started my career in telco and it gave me a very good start. Could you make a video on ONAP?

Priyanka Gupta

Can I have these PPT of 4 videos available for download?

amol solanke

Hi Vikas. Would you be interested in providing paid consultancy service for SDN project? I am looking for someone with knowledge of telco SDN.

Mobile NP

please see my channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFbKxmhCulVBD0-FMLSqyAw

I have my channel which i have just started writing on LTE RF Optimisation and Call flow. Can write on Basics too with explanation.

Ronaldo Tavares


Igniting minds

I am not able to understand many terms used by u..such As ARPU ,IMS etc.. what I need to learn first please tell me.

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